"Ten years from now, the digital economy will permeate everything!"Are you ready?

       At the World Economic Forum's 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos Forum), Zhu Min, Vice chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and a member of the Board of Directors of the World Economic Forum Fund, said:Ten years from now, the digital economy will permeate everything。
       He believes that AI technologies such as ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformation Model) have fundamentally changed our understanding of the digital economy。The scale and computing power of the large model makes it the ultimate controller of the real economy, because it can connect everything, and through optimization and iteration, it can be implemented。
Technological development is the underlying logic of economic development
       Similar remarks, Ma Yun has also said: "The next decade is the last decade of traditional industries to promote digitalization.。If there is no digital transformation today, it will be the object of digital poverty in ten years。”
       Technological development is the underlying logic of economic development。In the next decade or even longer, neither enterprises nor individuals can escape the sweep of the digital wave。
       Look at the moment, whether our work and life are already changing?
       In the retail industry, there are digital technologies from online e-commerce to scanning code payment, from live selling goods to intelligent logistics;
       In manufacturing, digital technologies advanced analytics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) improve productivity, quality control and supply chain management, and enable more informed decisions and predictive maintenance of production by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data;
       In the medical field, practitioners promote the construction of medical information by integrating electronic medical records, artificial intelligence technology provides clinical decision support, and digital reform methods such as personalized diagnosis and treatment based on big data are increasing day by day.
       In the financial sector, digital technology has had a profound impact on the efficiency, risk control, security, user experience and remote services of financial services.
       In the field of education, the wide application of digital technology is changing the traditional teaching mode and providing more personalized, innovative and efficient education methods。
       In the future, digital technology will be deeply integrated with thousands of industries, and profoundly affect and promote the accelerated transformation of every industry: this point, no doubt。
What are the pain points of technological development
       At this time, many students fill in the volunteer, the peak moment of graduate job hunting, I do not know whether you have paid attention to a "innovative industrial cluster shortage talent demand directory" released recently in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.?
       The list makes it clear that the most in-demand talent isSoftware and information service industry, integrated circuit industry, smart grid industry, smart manufacturing industry, biomedical industry, new energy automobile industryOther fields。In some fields, the annual salary of algorithm engineers has exceeded 500,000 yuan, and it is still impossible to recruit suitable talents。
       In the post,
       Top 5 jobs in Software and Information Services:Java Engineer, key account sales, Product Manager, C++ engineer, pre-sales technical support。
       Top 5 jobs in Smart Grid industry:Electrical Engineer, C++ engineer, embedded software development engineer, hardware development engineer and RF engineer
       New energy automobile industry job demand top five:Vehicle development Engineer, Vehicle control System Engineer, Automotive electronics/electrical Engineer, Battery engineer, process/process Engineer
       Top five jobs in Integrated Circuit industry:Embedded development engineers, test engineers, hardware engineers, FPGA engineers and digital circuit verification engineers
       Top 5 Aerospace jobs in demand:Embedded software development, Hardware Engineer, aircraft design and manufacturing, Product manager, Electrical Engineer
       The top five jobs in the new generation of artificial intelligence industry:C++ Engineer, Algorithm Engineer, Product Manager, key account sales, Test engineer
       As can be seen from the list, the shortage of digital skills has become a pain point that hinders the development of innovative industries in a city。
       Although this is a list of talent shortages in Nanjing, as a microcosm and typical of urban clusters, we can also see the concern and desire of other relevant urban clusters for talents in the digital field and positions。
Follow the trend, there is development
       "The new generation of digital technology will certainly promote the social productivity of 10 times the change, will create a large number of new opportunities for society, so that the level of production reached an unprecedented height.。The outstanding talents of the future must be the talents who are best at using AI productivity, and the excellent organizations of the future must be the organizations that are best at using AI productivity。Li Guoxing, CEO of Moka, which focuses on the research of human resources data, is talking about the impact of artificial intelligence on enterprises。
       Some media said that artificial intelligence is accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises, and 2023 will become a key year for the development of AI, and it is also a good time for young people to participate。The "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" issued by the state has elevated the development of artificial intelligence industry to a national strategy, and attaches great importance to the training of relevant talents。
       In the process of development, the school has been adhering to the "market demand-oriented, job requirements as the standard, quality employment as the goal" curriculum system development principles, to provide students with cutting-edge industry demand technology, so that students can graduate smoothly with enterprise positions。
       The training direction includes:Natural language processing engineer, data analysis engineer, data mining engineer, search R & D engineer, recommendation R & D engineer, advertising R & D engineer, dialogue system engineer, etc
       The artificial intelligence major of Suju Vocational College has a high-level teaching team, most of which are composed of professors, doctors and technical managers from universities and famous enterprises。Smoothly connect popular positions, professional teams develop modular courses, close to the current trend of artificial intelligence technology landing products, and reach strategic cooperation with many famous enterprises to create students "hard power"。Professional and enterprise reached a strategic personnel training agreement, students can be admitted to Baidu junior engineer certification。
       Not only that,In the specialties offered by residential institutions,Big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, network engineering, website engineering, mobile communication, games, international new media, etc., have excellent teams and technical strength,For the industry to train a large number of Java engineers, product managers, C++ engineers, architects, algorithm engineers, software test engineers and so on,Many students have made great achievements in the industry。
       Someone said, "We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails.。As an individual, under the general trend of social development, only by following the trend and riding the wind can we achieve ourselves。