The high-tech industry opens the blue ocean of employment: The active change advances, and the complacent retreat!

       An expert once told his children that no matter what kind of industry they choose in the future, they should be clear about one thing:Do not choose to compete with machines or computers。
       Because whether it is the industrial revolution or the information revolution, the progress of science and technology is always aimed at freeing the labor force。When we choose a career, we need to think about what will be impossible for machines or computers to do ten years from now。
       Indeed, science and technology are changing rapidly, new fields are emerging constantly, and the whole society is changing。In the new era, what changes will affect our lives and employment?What are the opportunities to grab the new track that keeps popping up?In the face of the future, we must embark on a new journey, and how should children act?
       This is an issue that every family should consider, and if you want to have a place in the future, you need to keep in mind: those who take the initiative to change advance, and those who stand still will retreat!
The New Era: The full explosion of Opportunities
       In 2020, under the influence of the external environment, online platforms will explode - online economy such as online learning and online shopping will rise in public life。This has made the Internet industry take a big step forward, and the related talent demand is also increasing, and there is a shortage of cutting-edge talents。Statistics show that companies are more willing to offer a salary increase of up to 40% to a desirable candidate。
       With the full economic recovery in 2023, the data shows that the GDP growth target of 5% in 2023 is expected to be stimulated by the rich input and consumption economy, which also indicates that employment opportunities will climb sharply, especially in the field of digital technology。
       According to Indeed's survey report, it is expected that by 2030, the global technical field will face a shortage of more than 850,000 skilled positions, which means that the technical field will face a serious shortage of talent supply。
       The fourth Industrial revolution, dominated by informatization and digitalization, is changing the world and is an all-round "explosion".。Skills and knowledge in big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other directions are becoming the core driving force needed in various industries。In this new era, information technology will change the future development process of human society, and everyone will have broad space for development。
New track: Opening the Blue Ocean of employment
       In the digital information age, new technologies are emerging constantly, so there are several new tracks。The continuous development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, meta-universe and other fields has brought new career demands to the society. These emerging industries need talents with a large number of relevant skills and knowledge reserves, and thus open a new round of "blue ocean of employment".。
       In the comprehensive application of intelligent technology, many traditional industries are facing the challenge of career transformation。Robin Li, founder of Baidu, said in a speech at the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum that he estimated that 50 percent of the world's workload in 10 years will be prompts。That is, by inputting some prompt words, the artificial intelligence large model can generate content products such as text, pictures, audio and video that meet the needs of users。
       Since the establishment of the domestic Artificial Intelligence Society in 1981, the anxiety of being "replaced by AI" has always been parallel with the continuous leap in the development of artificial intelligence technology。
       The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 85 million jobs worldwide will be lost because of AI。The good news is that AI-related technologies will create 97 million new jobs。
       With the advancement of technology and industry changes, the profession has become more and more diversified, and adapting to the changing job requirements and maintaining lifelong learning ability has become a mandatory requirement for everyone in the workplace。
New journey: Build up to the future
       Xi 'an Jiaotong University President Wang Shuguo said: "The new journey, we need not only courage, but also need our courage, need our scientific thinking, need our advanced thinking, need us to plan the future, need us to do a good job on the ground.。”
       Indeed, in this rapidly changing era, new knowledge, new technology, new forms of business emerge in an endless stream, a person wants to not be eliminated by The Times, you need to transcend themselves, reshape themselves to achieve wonderful life。
      No matter what era, there are people who walk on the waves。When the "baton" of The Times is passed to our generation, we must be brave to catch it, always believe that "everyone can be efficient and happy", and we must have methods and perseverance on the way to learning!
       Just like the students at Sukyukwon, you may not have a very rich background, you may not have a very high degree。But if you have a determination to change your destiny through study, you can choose to stay in a vocational school。
       Unique education model, so that students become the "protagonist" in the classroom。"Achievement driven teaching", "fun guidance", "efficient memory", "question guidance" and other teaching methods assist students to complete the stage learning。"Single subject improvement, serial course arrangement" teaching mode, step by step, steady and steady。
       The three platforms of "Homework and Examination System", "Home School Flying Geese" and "practical training project Library" help students to improve scientifically and make up for deficiencies。From theory to practical training, from examination to defense, precise control, only for promotion。
       Self-management Continuously improves students' "soft power" and cultivates "leadership talents"。From being managed to being a manager, from obeying allocation to overall planning, students can experience different roles, exercise their ability and stimulate their sense of ownership, and help students stand out in the future job competition。
       Throughout history, behind every successful person is full of sweat, failure and frustration。On the way forward, the only way to achieve things is to constantly improve ourselves, train our skills, and do not stop。
       At present, China is in the moment of scientific and technological revolution, in the past ten years, science and technology in full bloom: AI applications, new energy, electric vehicles and other fields in the world's leading position, will affect the next few decades of economic development, but also means that China's economy has entered the world economy leading。
       Chen Wei said: "If a person's career choice can be combined with the major needs of the country, his personal value will be amplified a hundred times.。”This is an era full of infinite possibilities. I hope that every student who is ready to enter the residential vocational school or has already studied in the residential vocational school can carry forward the spirit of seeking truth and start the journey of self-discovery in the residential vocational school!