The provincial government education inspection team visited our school to supervise and inspect employment work

       On the morning of May 15, the provincial government education inspection team visited our school to supervise and inspect the employment of 2023 graduates。The inspection team is led by Professor Shi Guosheng, former deputy secretary and vice president of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, Deputy director of Nanjing Institute of Engineering Yu Yuejin, deputy director of Changzhou Textile Vocational and Technical College, Dong Yuqian, director of the recruitment Department, and Jiang Chenyang, Grade 6 staff of the provincial College Enrollment and employment guidance Service Center, are experts in the supervision group。Zhou Junbo, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Liu Wenhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president, Yang Xiaolong, Vice president, Ren Erping, Director of Recruitment Department, Zhou Juan, Principal of Beijing Training Base, Director of Beijing Training Base, Ma Feng and counselors attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Party Secretary Zhou Junbo and delivered a welcoming speech。
The expert group listened to the employment report of our school
       At the meeting, Secretary Shi Guosheng, leader of the inspection team, conveyed the relevant requirements of The State Council and the provincial government on employment work and the relevant requirements of the Office of the Education Steering Committee on the special supervision of the employment of college graduates。
Inspection team leader Shi Guosheng secretary to convey the relevant requirements
       Subsequently, Liu Wenhua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the school, reported the employment of graduates of 2023。
       After the report, the inspection team conducted employment interviews, access to archival information and spot checks on employment data。At the interview, Principal Liu Guochen and Director Ma Feng, who are responsible for employment management of the training base, introduced in detail to the inspection team the various support work done for graduates before, during and after employment。Vice President Ren Erping reported the special problems existing in the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates in the three years of the epidemic, internal and external cause analysis and the countermeasures adopted by the college。Ten career guidance teachers of different majors introduced the current employment situation of students in their majors, the ways to promote employment, and made sincere suggestions to the expert group from the aspects of national policy assistance。The leaders of the inspection team fully affirmed the innovative measures of the college。
       最后,Inspection team leader Shi Guosheng Secretary on behalf of the inspection team feedback of the employment work supervision,It affirmed the importance of leadership in our school's employment work, the construction of practical training base platform, and the importance of skill training,And for the inspection found employment fair, website publicity, meeting records and other issues to give relevant suggestions。President Liu Wenhua expressed his sincere thanks for the suggestions made by the special inspection team, and said that he would take the inspection as an opportunity to further do the employment work of 2023 graduates by referring to the problems and suggestions, and provide more thoughtful and detailed services for graduates。

Inspection team leader Shi Guosheng secretary to the school feedback inspection situation