Suqian Vocational and Technical College "into the intelligent industry" research practice

       On August 11, 2023, students from Suqian Vocational and Technical College, a subsidiary of Eight Dimensional Information Group, studied professional courses in Beijing training base and walked into the industry line for research and practice。 
       The theme of this industrial research is "Entering the intelligent industry".,The purpose is to allow students majoring in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to combine their professional knowledge,A deeper understanding of the landing of "smart +" scenarios such as smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart retail, smart parks, smart cities, and smart education in the industrial chain,Lay a good foundation for students to enter the practical training stage to implement such projects,More students can enter Dachang's intelligent project team to lay the cornerstone。

Overview of Association
       Lenovo Group, a global technology company founded in China with operations in 180 markets, is currently ranked 171 on the Fortune Global 500。To achieve "intelligence,For every possible "company vision,Lenovo continues to consolidate the global PC market champion position on the basis of,Expand into new growth areas including servers, storage, mobile, software, solutions and services,Promote the new IT that gives the technical architecture of "end - edge - cloud - network - intelligence"。
       here,We were impressed by the 18-meter-long 210° surround screen,Also lamented that Chinese technology is leading the world trend: when you walk in this field of the future,All kinds of appliances will take the initiative to send greetings to you,Watch the robot arm cook in the smart kitchen, experience the intelligent butler with full voice call, feel the convenience brought by the smart wearable that monitors the health status at any time, and intelligent learning and office equipment...The students are all shocked and curious about the future intelligent life。

       These scenarios comprehensively and fully demonstrate the intelligent life that can be expected in the future, making artificial intelligence a service that human beings can reach。Artificial intelligence leads the change of smart life, and the development of data continues to expand the boundaries of science and technology。

       Lenovo engineers also showed Lenovo's solutions for commercial equipment, data center, big data, Lenovo venture capital, innovation lab, smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart education and other smart industries to the students。
       Lenovo is committed to delivering the most advanced technical voice of the smart + era, displaying cutting-edge technologies in the form of scenes, and presenting the integration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in visual application cases。
Students have something to say
       After learning, the students are so excited that you say a word, and I say a word, and they lament that the application of science and technology in work and life has been so extensive, and they have gained a new life experience。
       Fu said: "In the iot exhibition area, I saw all kinds of devices connected to the Internet, which can realize the interconnection of information。例如,智能汽车可以通过与城市交通系统的连接,实现实时导航、自动驾驶等功能; 智能医疗设备可以通过与云端数据中心的连接,实现医生对患者的远程监测和诊断。These applications let me deeply appreciate the huge potential of the Internet of Things, which will bring more convenience and possibilities to people's lives。The iot learning we're doing right now is a true reflection of our future work and applications, making it possible for machines to operate line by line of code。It is in this way that we have to go in the direction of progress, science and technology change life, change us, change our future!"
       Fan said: "In the process of associative learning, I feel the development of science and technology。It turns out that everything in our daily life is inseparable from intelligent engineering, such as: daily express delivery, medical services, takeout industry, education industry, manufacturing equipment, etc., are inseparable from the development of science and technology。The knowledge we have learned will certainly be applied to the development of society in the future。Learning should be active, but also learn to use automated and intelligent ways, so that artificial intelligence can help us complete tedious and repetitive tasks, so as to release more time and energy to engage in more challenging and creative work。Cheer together!"  

       Bo said, "What attracted me most during my study was the artificial intelligence exhibition area。I saw products such as smart assistants and smart home devices developed by Lenovo。Intelligent assistants can provide personalized services according to the needs of users and solve various problems。The smart home device can realize the automatic management of the home and make life more convenient。These intelligent products not only show Lenovo's technical strength in the field of artificial intelligence, but also make me full of expectations for the future life。”

The significance of industrial research
       As the ancient saying goes, "Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles", this time, eight dimensional Information Group organized students to conduct field research and practice, creating an unforgettable experience for students。After the Lenovo engineers met the students of the Eight dimensional vocational school, they gave high comments: "These students' mental state is great!"

       In the process of industrial research of Lenovo, it greatly broadens the vision of students majoring in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, enricfies their academic accumulation, and provides a broader stage for students to achieve their dreams and display their talents。At the same time, students can deeply understand the practical application of professional knowledge, discover the new progress and trend of the subject research field, and better understand the knowledge and skills that need to be mastered and applied in practical work。

       Students' curiosity about science and technology can be satisfied, their inspiration for innovation can be stimulated, the logic of technology can be concreted, they can perceive the beauty of science and technology, grasp the trend of The Times, and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning。Here, students increase their knowledge reserve, inspire their thinking, and enhance their comprehensive quality。
       The deep integration of production and education promotes Eight dimensional to cultivate talents who are more suitable for the needs of enterprises, understand the requirements of enterprises for talents, and provide students with more practical vocational education。This research has strengthened the communication between Lenovo and Eight dimensional technology innovation, and helped Eight dimensional students to have an in-depth understanding of relevant professional theoretical knowledge。
       In the future, Eight Dimensional Information Group will deepen its close ties with major enterprises, continue to deepen the integration of production and education, and help Eight dimensional students enter science and technology, understand science and technology, and learn science and technology!Science and technology change life, education change life!
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