Suqian Vocational and Technical College 2023 freshmen opening ceremony and military training mobilization conference

    On the morning of September 1, 2023, Suqian Vocational and Technical College 2023 freshmen opening ceremony and military training mobilization conference was held in the school stadium。Guests attending the conference included Suqian Vocational and Technical CollegeSecretary of Party Committee,Government Steering Officer Chow Chun-po,Principal Liu Wenhua, vice president Yang Xiaolong, Wu Weiqiu, Zhou Zhaohua, Chen Huiqing, Ren Erping and other school-level leaders, as well as Wu Leilei, lieutenant colonel and deputy director of Suqian Detachment of the Armed police, who undertook the military training task。The main person in charge of the secondary colleges, functional departments, counselors, and all the training instructors and students also participated in the conference, presided over by the Minister of Armed forces of Suqian Vocational and Technical College, Pan Yongfeng, and the solemn national song opened the prelude to the ceremony。
    Wu Suxin, student representative of the School of Information Design, said in his speech,The excellent students of Suqian Vocational and Technical College will be the model,Always keep in mind the expectations of leaders, teachers and parents,Set lofty goals,Jointly foster an atmosphere of solidarity and fraternity,Strive to improve practical ability,Respect teachers,Observe discipline,Establish normative consciousness。
    Teacher Li Li, on behalf of the instructor, expressed his high respect to all the officers and soldiers who came to undertake the military training task, and encouraged the students to cherish the opportunity to study in Suqian Vocational and Technical College。She stressed that the college is a place to support students to realize their dreams, but also a responsible and responsible university, choosing Suqian Vocational and Technical College is a choice without regret。
Yin Yibo, a representative of the instructor, stressed the importance of a sense of responsibility and responsibility in traditional Chinese culture。He pointed out that only by deeply cultivating the feelings of the family and the country and linking their own development with the destiny of the motherland can the great rejuvenation of the country be realized。He stressed that youth are the main force in national construction and national defense construction, and national defense education is the key to cultivating a strong sense of national defense。
    Wu Leilei, lieutenant colonel and deputy director of Suqian Detachment of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, stressed in his speech that an excellent college student needs not only to possess rich knowledge and healthy body, but also to develop good character, tenacity and rigorous style。He encouraged students to make full use of military training opportunities, obey orders, train hard, improve military skills, learn the fine traditions of the army, and cultivate teamwork。
    After representatives of students and instructors spoke, Party secretary Zhou Junbo awarded the military training regiment the Youth flag。At the ceremony, Vice President Yang Xiaolong delivered an important speech, encouraging freshmen to keep in mind the school motto of Suqian Vocational and Technical College, and deeply understand the core meaning of "unity of knowledge and action, integrity, family, country and world" and "casting body, casting heart, casting soul"。He stressed that reading is the primary task of college students, and they need to enhance their awareness and ability to serve society through study and practice。He encouraged students to value their time at the university level, develop a sense of urgency and persevere in their pursuit of excellence。
    Military training activities are also carried out in a high atmosphere, the students have experienced hard training, exercise the will, and cultivate the spirit of teamwork。They have experienced the military training life and consider it a valuable experience that will become one of the most precious memories of their college life。
    In short, the opening ceremony of 2023 freshmen and the military training mobilization Conference of Suqian Vocational and Technical College were successfully held in a solemn and warm atmosphere, which laid a solid academic and moral foundation for the freshmen, and also infused their university life with firm faith and determination。In the coming days, these students will thrive in the ocean of knowledge and contribute their strength to the construction of society and the motherland。