Suqian Vocational and Technical College military training summary and commendation conference a complete success
    Tempered eventually into steel, a uniform show style。On the morning of September 15, 2023, Suqian Vocational and Technical College 2023 students' military training work summary and commendation conference was held in the school stadium。Suqian Vocational and Technical College Party secretary Zhou Junbo, vice president Yang Xiaolong, Ren Erping, Chen Huiqing, Zhou Zhaohua, Wu Weiqiu and other school leaders and undertake the military training task of Suqian Armed police lieutenant Colonel deputy director Wu Leilei attended the conference。The main person in charge of each secondary college, functional division, counselor, all training instructors and participating students attended the conference。The conference was presided over by the Minister of Armed forces of Suqian Vocational and Technical College Pan Yongfeng。
    Military training results report in the solemn and sacred national song opened the prelude, with the Party secretary Zhou Junbo "start" order, the sports field bursts of loud chant, wake up the campus in the morning。"Students, are you ready?"Give the order,All the companies shouted, "Be ready,Be always ready,Always be ready.", "Come at a moment's notice,He who comes can fight,The battle must be won.", "We were born under the red flag,Grow in the spring breeze.","People have faith,The state has power.,There is hope for the nation","By the eye,All Chinese,Five star shine,It's all faith.","May our youth be,Defend the prosperous China","I have no regrets in this life,Be Chinese in the next life.","Please rest assured,The strong country has me "and sang" Ode to the Motherland"。The students' slogans are as loud as the peace bell, the fighting spirit is as high as the tiger down the mountain, and the whole campus is full of youth, which is exciting。It shows that our students love the party, love the country and serve the country。
    The catch and enemy boxing show and the separate parade officially began。The students shouted neat slogans, standardized movements, boxing wind, played a new era of the spirit and momentum of young students。In an impassioned march,The students were dressed in neat military uniforms,Follow the guidance of the Student Military Training Corps flag,With vigorous steps,It is very impressive,The heroic posture shows the results of half a month's training,Their resolute faces reveal their confidence that they are not afraid of difficulties and challenges,The piercing eyes flashed "just a young classmate,The spirit of youth。A loud and clear slogan, straight into the sky, showing the good spirit of the hostel vigorous upward。
    Subsequently, Comrade Yang Xiaolong, vice president, read the decision of Suqian Vocational and Technical College on giving 2023 Students Advanced collective and outstanding individual commendation for military training.。Then the leader of the rostrum awarded MEDALS and certificates of honor to the outstanding companies and advanced individuals。
    最后,Comrade Zhou Junbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, awarded the banner to the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, which undertook the military training mission,On behalf of the school, he expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect to the officers of Suqian Detachment of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force who undertook this military training task,同时,He affirmed the excellent quality, strong will and achievements of the 2023 students in the process of military training,He said, "After just 15 days of training,Such gratifying changes have taken place in the military accomplishment and mental outlook of the students,We would like to thank the students for their hard work,More thanks to the hard work, not to avoid the wind and rain, well-organized, strict training instructors。With your stern military appearance, excellent style, excellent quality and meticulous and friendly working spirit, you have shown a good image of soldiers in the new era, and won the admiration and love of teachers and students。You teach the first class, you are the first teacher of the new students。On this occasion, let us express our high respect and heartfelt gratitude to the officers and soldiers of the Suqian Detachment of the Chinese Armed Police Force who undertook the training task with warm applause, "he pointed out that" more than ten days of military training, the students not only gained the friendship of classmates, teachers and students, but also enhanced their physical fitness and honed their will.。The students trained seriously, overcame all kinds of difficulties, and completed the military training task with quality and quantity, and handed over a satisfactory answer sheet for the school。The short military training life will become an unforgettable moment in the course of students' study."。"Students, military training is coming to an end, but the meaning it brings to us will never end。It leaves behind a strict sense of organizational discipline and not afraid of hard work, not afraid of tired style, leaving behind a strong will and the spirit of constant pursuit and courage, leaving behind a strong patriotism and the ideal of serving the motherland。Tomorrow, you will walk into the classroom, "search" in the Shushan Xuehai, start a new journey。”
    At the same time, he also put forward three hopes to the students: University is an important node for young people to pursue their dreams, achieve their dreams, and realize their dreams。First, I hope students remember the original intention of "pursuing dreams"。From this moment on,There will be changes in roles and circumstances,We must continue to maintain the good moral character and fine style developed during the military training,Forget what you've achieved,Everything starts from scratch,Get involved in college as soon as possible,Take an active part in the new study and life,On a new journey,Be more disciplined,Study hard,To take on new challenges in life。Second, I hope the students feel the word "responsibility"。During the university to learn to think about life, three years later, to enter the social family to serve the society, I hope they learn knowledge, learn skills, learn to do things at the same time, more importantly, learn to be a man。The learning and education process in university will help them form a more stable outlook on life and values, but we must not forget the cultivation of their own personality quality, sense of responsibility, and sense of rules, and have a unity of knowledge and action, and an attitude of pursuing life with the utmost goodness。 Third, I hope the students do not forget the "study" of the foundation。The soul of the university lies in the culture of the university,It is hoped that students should study every course in the university in a balanced way,Whether it is a compulsory course or an elective course,We should carefully understand the impact of each course on our future professional development,Strive to become a "comprehensive, diverse and sustainable" talent who can constantly learn, self-innovate, and think correctly。