Suqian Vocational and Technical College to Suzhou Vocational University exchange study

    Under the guidance of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education on the spirit of university pairing and co-construction, on the afternoon of September 25, Party Secretary Zhou Junbo, President Liu Wenhua, vice President Ren Erping and Zhang Hongxiang went to Suzhou Vocational University to investigate and promote the pairing and co-construction work。The Party secretary of Suzhou Vocational University Cao Yumin, President Wen Yifang, Vice President Sun Xuewen and the heads of relevant departments attended the activity。

    At the symposium,Secretary Cao Yuman welcomed the delegation of Zhou Junbo and Liu Wenhua,And said in the background of Suzhou and Suqian pair construction,The school is co-built with Suqian Vocational and Technical College,Deepen exchanges and cooperation,We will further improve cooperation mechanisms, innovate working models, and enrich joint efforts,In the high level, wide field and deep cooperation between the two cities, the active work of vocational education has been demonstrated。
    President Wen Yifang introduced the characteristics of the school from the aspects of personnel training, professional construction, school-enterprise cooperation, social services and international exchanges, and hoped that the school and Suqian Vocational and Technical College could form a virtuous circle of exchanges and cooperation。
    Secretary Zhou Junbo expressed his gratitude to Suzhou Vocational University for its warm reception and highly praised the school's school-running characteristics and development results。Subsequently, Secretary Zhou Junbo introduced the basic situation of our school, and hoped that Suzhou Vocational University could give guidance and support to our school governance and personnel training in terms of its advantages in running schools in terms of high-level talents, high-level majors and high-quality projects。
    During the discussion, the two universities carried out in-depth exchanges on the construction of teachers, professional (group) construction, teaching resources co-construction and sharing, teaching and research project application, training base construction, skills competition training and participation, social training and technical services and other co-construction issues。
    After the meeting, Secretary Zhou Junbo, President Liu Wenhua and his delegation visited the intelligent manufacturing sharing innovation service platform, cloud computing and big data training room, microcomputer principle and intelligent interface training room, Wu Cultural Park and other teaching and cultural education bases。