English application ability of Suqian Vocational and Technical College in the first half of 2023等级Examination newsletter
       On June 18, 2023, the English Application Proficiency Test was successfully opened in Suqian Vocational and Technical College。On the day of the examination, the examination staff of each floor carefully inspected the examination room, and the leader of our college, President Yang Xiaolong, and the director of the examination Office, Jia Yinfeng, also went to each examination room to carefully check the examination order of each examination room and the students' answers。
                 (Figure 1 Yang School inspects the examination room)               
(Figure 2 English Level 3 B test pre-training)
       The number of applicants for the English level test reached 920, and more than 70 invigilators and exam staff。The examination Office carefully organized the invigilation training for the examination personnel and invigilators before the examination,Clarify the duties and requirements of each department, examination personnel and invigilator,From the arrangement of time,Assignment of tasks,To the layout of the examination room, the implementation of the examination,All links are of high quality and error-free,To ensure the successful completion of the exam。
       Candidates sat for the English Level 3 B test at Suqian Vocational and Technical College at 15pm on June 18,School leaders at all levels attach great importance to this exam,Turn on the video surveillance system throughout the exam,No disciplinary violations and cheating were found in the examination,In this exam,Candidates full integrity test, strict discipline, orderly,Quiet answer,With the cooperation of teachers and students,Our college successfully completed this examination。