Suqian Vocational and Technical College celebrated the 38th Teachers' Day and staff commendation conference

       On the afternoon of September 6, the 38th Teachers' Day and staff commendation Conference was held in the No. 1 lecture hall of the school。Zhou Junbo, secretary of the Party Committee of the university, Yang Xiaolong, vice president and other leaders attended the conference, and 50 outstanding individuals and 3 advanced collectives were commended。
       To carry forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education,To promote the sound and rapid development of education in Suqian Vocational and Technical College,Upon study,Awarded "Best Teaching Award" to 12 people including Han Kexin and Coco Lee,Awarded Dong Xianguo, Ke Miao and other 12 people "The Most Favorite Student Award",Awarded Shao Guoshuo, Dong Jiao and other 9 people "Best dedication Award",Awarded Ma Wenwen, Hu Dongju and other 8 people "Best New Teacher Award",Awarded Xu Mengya, Yin Xiaojie and other 9 people "Advanced Individual Award"。In addition, the Department of English of the School of Information Design, the Department of Chinese and the Department of Mathematics and Science of the Department of Public Education were awarded the "Gold Department Award", and the Department of Public Education was awarded the "Gold Academy Award".。
       At this conference, the deans of each secondary college summarized the work of each college in the first half of the year, and made a mobilization speech for the work of the new semester。
       In his speech at the conference, Zhou Junbo, secretary of the Party Committee, on behalf of the school, extended holiday greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the staff members who worked hard and dedicated silently, and warmly congratulated the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals who were honored。
       In addition, the secretary also placed three high hopes on the majority of teachers, first, I hope that the majority of teachers should establish lofty professional ideals and firm professional beliefs, with a strong sense of responsibility, good professional ethics, rigorous academic attitude and willing to serve as a ladder of dedication, wholeheartedly into the cause of education。Second, it is hoped that the majority of teachers actively absorb advanced ideas, learn from advanced experience, keep up with the pace of educational reform, development and innovation, and constantly improve teaching methods and innovate teaching ideas。Third, I hope that the majority of teachers establish noble moral sentiments and spiritual pursuit, full of sincere care for the growth and progress of each student, and educate and influence students with true feelings, sincerity and sincerity。
       This conference tree typical, advanced, morale。Photo by photo, record the footprints of every hostel people striving ahead。Standing at the new starting point of development, all the staff of the school will forge ahead with firm faith, high attitude and full of energy, and make greater contributions to the construction of the school!At the end of the conference, I once again wish all the leaders, guests, teachers a happy Teachers' Day!