Our school individual won many commendations from the Youth League Municipal Committee
   At the sixth plenary (expansion) meeting of the fifth session of the Suqian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League that ended recently, our school individual won a number of commendations from the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League。
   The secretary of the School Youth League Committee and the head of the school administration of the Ministry of Women's Education won the title of pace-setter in the New Long March of Suqian City;

   Xu Chengwei won "the city's Communist Youth League work advanced individual";Zhao Zhenhua won the honorary title of "Excellent Communist Youth League Member of Suqian City"。

   In recent years,Under the care and leadership of the school Party committee and the superior league organization,The Youth League committee of Suqian Vocational and Technical College holds high the Youth League flag and follows the party,Work closely around the center of the college,Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission,"From the youth,Go to the youth "work idea,Lead the majority of young teachers and students 踔厉 work hard,Forge ahead,It created a new situation in the work of the college Communist Youth League。