Learning without "paper" environment, paperless examination login to our school

   With the vigorous development of Internet technology, paperless examination is the inevitable product of the development of new technology, and also the inevitable trend of the development of information technology in colleges and universities (Figure 1-1).。In 2020, the Ministry of Education encouraged and guided colleges and universities to promote paperless examination, and now major colleges and universities have actively responded to the policy, explored and implemented paperless examination, and paperless examination has become an inevitable trend of education examination。Next, we discuss the positive significance of the implementation of paperless examination for Suqian Vocational and Technical College。
   A very important step。The Group has invested a lot of money in the purchase of IPAD, software and hardware development and improvement of network equipment and servers. The development team has tailor-made an advanced and powerful homework and examination system for the school, integrating course learning, homework examination and office management, providing teachers and students with a one-stop learning and examination environment。The homework and examination system has six characteristics: advanced system, great talent casting, habit forming, efficient detection, scientific analysis, and timely review。Compared with the teaching and examination platforms in the industry, the homework and examination system carefully develops each function, only to improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer and improve the learning ability of students, and integrates the single-subject intensive teaching mode and the examination mechanism of the three-level examination。A closed-loop system is formed with process supervision and result assessment. Students can clock in homework, practice after class and count wrong questions on the IPAD. Teachers can supervise and feedback students' learning effects throughout the whole process, and then assess students' comprehensive ability through theory and skill tests。After the examination, it can provide the class and candidates with multidimensional data statistical analysis, automatic generation of ability models, timely data science, provide accurate information for the review, promote the review speed and quality, and escort the subsequent teaching。
   Before the full application of the system, the school conducted detailed communication with the software Division on the examination subjects, examination forms and test forms。Systematically learn various functions such as the introduction of test questions, and then conduct pilot tests in Chinese and English in higher vocational colleges, input test questions and test paper composition (see Figure 1-3). The college conducts pilot feedback according to the results。After the completion of the test, the higher vocational schools gradually promoted from part of the course to all the course of the day to all the paperless examination, and then from the higher vocational schools to the secondary vocational schools, with points and areas, and comprehensively promoted。The progress of paperless examination in our school can be divided into the following steps according to the time node: 1.Understand test types online to prepare for the development of test group function;Develop process plan and specific internal test plan;Step up learning test entry function;Simulation test, simulation self-test。2.Collect questions for on-site inspection, sort out questions in the direction of test questions, and adjust the plan according to the sorted questions。3.Discuss the grading problems, give feedback in time, optimize the grading process, and vigorously promote the paperless examination system。4.Optimize and update the entry mode of the question bank。5.Higher vocational education has been comprehensively promoted, paperless examination has been systematized and normalized, and some pilot programs in secondary vocational schools have learned from experience and run smoothly。6.Construction of higher vocational question bank and full input, input and testing of secondary vocational。7.Discuss the functional requirements of the paperless mobile version, and solve the exam and grading needs in batches according to the paperless mobile version。
   Two, the advantages of paperless examination
   1.Simplify the process, convenient and fast
   Under the traditional examination mode, the examination process is cumbersome and inefficient,The teacher needs to complete the test paper, print the test paper, take the test paper, arrange the test, invigilate the test paper, collect the test paper, mark the test paper, evaluate the test paper and analyze the test paper,It takes a lot of manpower and material resources,And daily, weekly, monthly tests will consume a lot of paper resources,Post-processing test papers will also cause problems such as insufficient storage space,So the traditional examination mode has been unable to meet the needs of modern teaching。Paperless examination can greatly reduce the examination process, effectively save the traditional paper examination paper printing, grading, statistical results, archiving papers and other work, saving the marking time and exam costs。Paperless examination can improve the efficiency of examination, save resources and reduce the waste of space at the same time, the results of students' examination can be stored in the database for a long time, helping students to better check the gaps and improve learning efficiency。
   The paperless test system provides students with a quick and simple answer function. When students do single choice, multiple choice, judgment and other question types, they only need to click the correct answer, and fill in the blank, short answer, calculation, composition and other question types can be written in the handwriting area (Figure 1-6).。At the same time, the system adds the function of online draft paper, which is convenient for students to calculate and sort out their writing ideas。
   2.Exclusive group questions to prevent cheating
   The paperless examination system will record all the wrong questions in the examination, form the wrong question book, and backward calculate its knowledge defects. In the paper composition, the paper will be formed for different people according to the knowledge defects of individuals and classes, the proportion of wrong questions, and the new questions that individuals have not done。Thousands of papers are randomly selected to curb leakage from the source (Figure 1-7)。During the exam, the system can not exit, can not access the website, join the face recognition system later, and the background can check the substitute exam through the camera。Through the intelligent inspection system, during the exam tour can not enter the examination room, comprehensive inspection of the test situation, the test can be through the IPAD management terminal background, directly view the current screen of any candidate, inspection of the test abnormal situation, all-round monitoring of the student exam process, effectively prevent cheating。
   3.Efficient marking, scientific analysis
   Teachers can easily grade through the paperless examination system, single choice, multiple choice, judgment and other question types can be automatically graded, without manual marking, reducing the pressure of grading teachers。Short answer, composition and other questions can be manually marked on the IPAD, can be marked, erased, annotated, enlarged, and paper marking has the same feeling。
The data of the paperless examination system is timely, and the data will be analyzed and counted out after the examination。Through the summary of grades, grades analysis, automatic generation of grades statistical analysis charts, and generate a complete evaluation report, more intelligent and accurate analysis of learning situation。Teachers can analyze the students' grasp of each knowledge point, and then backward estimate the quality of teaching. The powerful data analysis function of the paperless examination system locks the weak knowledge points of each class, and reversely optimize the teaching improvement
   Iii. Summary
   Do not accumulate small streams, and into a river;No steps, no miles。Students through the paperless examination system will benefit a lot, not only can analyze their own learning situation, timely check the shortcomings and make up for the gaps, to achieve "daily check and correction, daily work and daily completion", but also can develop good learning habits, for the future to enter the professional courses to lay a solid foundation for the development of life。In the process of digital education, paperless examination will be more and more widely used in college learning assessment and teaching examination activities, schools keep up with current events, and help vocational education make great strides with the power of science and technology。
Contributed by: Cheng Yuhui, Examination Office
Editor: Propaganda Department of Party Committee
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