Suqian Vocational and Technical College held the 39th Teacher's Day commendation conference

       On the occasion of Teachers' Day, in order to commend excellence and set up a typical example, our school held a grand celebration of the 39th Teachers' Day and summary commendation conference in Lecture Hall No. 4。Suqian Vocational and Technical College President Yang Xiaolong, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Shang Liping, Director of the examination Office Jia Yinfeng, deans of secondary colleges and other leaders attended the conference, commended 49 outstanding individuals and 6 advanced collectives。
       At the commendation conference, President Yang Xiaolong first expressed his sincere thanks to all the staff members who worked hard and dedicated silently, extended his high respect and sincere holiday wishes to all the staff members, and placed high hopes on all the staff members。
       President Yang Xiaolong put forward four expectations at the meeting.The first is to clarify teaching standardsAll disciplines form unified standards through teaching and research, complete the question bank, sort out the objectives, ensure that the teaching program and the examination program are clear, and promote the construction of teaching standardization;Second, we need to improve teachers' abilities.Take teacher ability assessment as the focus, broaden the breadth of teaching and research, improve the depth of teaching, restore the essence of teaching, stimulate students' interest and mobilize students' initiative;The third is to pay attention to the development of learning situation,With the day of the day to become the starting point, the goal will be broken down, layers of depth, implementation to all levels, the teaching method and learning situation combined, so that learning to think, learn to gain。
       After the speech,The conference read out a circular of commendation,Shao Haiquan, Fu Ya and other 12 people won the "Best Teaching Award",Guo Mengnan, Wang Yu and other 12 people won the "Most Loved by Students Award",Chen Ao, Bao Xinyu and other 5 people won the "Best New Teacher Award",Zhao Chuang, Zhou Rongzhi and other 10 people won the "Advanced Individual Award",You Jingwen, Martin and other 10 people won the "Most Beautiful Teacher Award"。In addition, the Department of Chinese of the School of Information Design, the Department of Mathematics and Science of the Division of Women's Education and the Department of English of the Division of Women's Education won the "Gold Department Award", the Department of Chinese of the Division of Basic Education won the "Breakthrough Department Award", and the Division of Women's Education and the Division of Public Education won the "Gold School First Prize" and "Gold School Second Prize" respectively.。The leaders presented certificates and took a group photo for the honored faculty members individually and collectively。
       Example gathers strength, advanced encourages forward。All the teachers of our school will take the excellent example as the benchmark, continue to educate people's original intention, standing at a new starting point, and devote themselves to the construction of education power with a more positive attitude, writing a new chapter in education。