Advantage 1:

Joint operation of schools and enterprises, combining work with study

In order to make the teaching content close to the post requirements, the quality training adapt to the social needs, and the integration of college education and industry development, we transplant the teaching content of students' practical training to enterprises, and the engineers of enterprises and teachers of our school jointly undertake the teaching。In the assessment of achievement, the technical ability and application ability of students are taken as the main basis for the quantification of achievement。

Advantage 2:

Close to reality, professional advance

In accordance with national and local economic and educational development plans,The college timely adjusted the thinking of running a school,Prospectively set in the future economic development of the lack of talent in the computer software, Internet, cloud computing, e-commerce, online games and other nearly 30 professional,It provides convenience for the majority of young people to study,It has made contributions to local economic construction。

Advantage 3:

One specialty has multiple abilities and multiple certificates

The College pays attention to the cultivation of students' professional ability and innovation ability, actively promotes the "one major and multiple certificates" system, and regards students' obtaining foreign language certificate, computer certificate, professional skill certificate, industry qualification certificate and graduation certificate as equally important, laying a solid foundation for students' future employment and sustainable growth。

Advantage 4:

Suqian school, Beijing and Shanghai

Students will study basic courses in Suqian for about two years, go to Beijing headquarters in Zhongguancun campus or Shanghai Hongye Campus to learn professional courses and practical training projects for about one year, experience the cultural atmosphere of the metropolis, and adapt to the requirements of high-end enterprises。